January 21, 2019

Worried About Affording School?

Worried About Affording School?


Figure out your budget


  • How can you reduce your expenses?

--food is the most fluctuating line in our budget

--no eating out, no buying coffee, plan meals ahead of time, only shop with a list, only shop with cash

--No spend weeks (minus necessary to live items)

--Get rid of subscriptions- you won’t use them anyways!


  • How can you increase your income?

- side jobs, online hustles- sell stuff on ebay, clothes online, whatever isn’t nailed down or doesn’t have a special meaning sell it , old fashioned way-- have a yard sale!, cutting grass, pizza delivery…get creative!

-- Do these in the time leading up to starting school with as much intensity as possible because your time will be very limited once starting classes.

--Separate savings account.


How to pick a school in your budget

  • Local/ In-State (always the least expensive option)
  • Community college vs University 
  • Scholarship opportunities- explore all options, apply to as many as you can.
  • Length of program (some offer accelerated if you already have a degree or certificate in the field)
  • Total cost, -- not just per credit fees, there’s a lot of additional fees you need to make sure you add into the cost of the program.
  • Compare/ contrast/ consider all options


Scholarships/ grants/ work study (free money)


  • PELL Grant/ State Grants- fill out a FAFSA first! https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa
  • Must maintain SAP for the school (don’t withdraw or fail out a certain percentage of classes)
  • Take all summer the year before to fill out scholarships  (every dollar helps)-- see above example
  • Seek employment / volunteer work that offers educational assistance/ tuition reimbursement
  • Student loans as an absolute LAST resort (if even at all), then only the minimum amount needed to complete the term (why a budget first is so very important)

-- Be very careful with these.


All this and more linked to the show notes at www.thehonestnurse.com/podcast 

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